meditation challenge: day 6

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This is the second night in a row where I’ve had notably calmer dreams than I normally do. I’m remembering more of what happens when I wake up and feeling like the content is (mostly) more positive.

Matt Market

Matt Market

I am seeing people’s faces really clearly and moving through the dreams feeling more grounded.

I’m going to say that this definitely has to be due to my focus on mindfulness in my awake world. It’s transferring into my dream world and it’s awesome.

Today, Deepak spoke about how we are made up of the same material as everything else in the universe. Everyone and everything originates from the same source. But it’s also true that while we are all made of the same things, we are each put together in a completely unique way.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
–Joseph Campbell

After this morning’s meditation I walked to breakfast by myself. After sitting down to eat, a guy at the restaurant approached me and introduced himself. We chatted briefly and then as I was paying, he approached me again and asked if he could take me on a date.

I can’t remember the last time someone approached me in public and asked to take me out. It felt nice and I couldn’t help but wonder if the extra space I’ve been creating lately opened up room for him to feel comfortable in asking me.

After breakfast, I made my way to Griffith Park and wandered around through the trees in Fern Dell. As I passed a man sitting on a blanket in the lawn, he looked up at me and we made long eye contact as he smiled and said, “Life! It’s so abundant, right?!”

I smiled back at him and agreed before continuing on in my search for the perfect spot to lie down.

I walked up and down the same path two times, not being able to settle on a spot, when I noticed a girl standing next to the open hood of a car. The guy she was with was standing and staring at the battery. I approached her and asked if they had jumper cables. She said no.

Then I looked up and saw that my car was parked directly across from theirs on the other side of the street. I also remembered seeing a woman playing on her phone while sitting in the driver’s seat a few cars back.

I turned around and walked back to the car where I’d seen the woman and asked if she had jumper cables. She did. Then I crossed the street and maneuvered my car out of the spot I was in to align with the open hood of the stranded car.

In about five minutes flat I had solved their dilemma and it really felt like I was the one who was supposed to help them out. I hadn’t been able to settle on a good spot to lay down my blanket in the park, my car was literally right there, and I’d seen the lady sitting in her car just moments before.

After re-parking – in some sort of LA miracle no one had nabbed my prime spot during the save – I walked right up to a perfect patch of shady-mixed-with-sunny grass and laid down to read more from the book ‘Meditation’.

I absolutely love the way Ian and Paul described mindfulness in Chapter 5…

Mindfulness is the ability to notice and pay attention to what is actually happening around and inside of us at each moment. Mindfulness develops attention, concentration, and the ability to simply be present with little or no future orientation, past orientation or goal orientation.

Mindfulness practice slows down the forward projection of the thinking mind, which is overly committed to achieving, getting, having, holding and protecting. Mindfulness practice slows down the momentum of the ego or the personality, and allows contact with a deeper, stiller, quieter part of one’s true nature.

I spent some time after reading just laying under the massive, old trees in the park and noticing. I realized, for the first time ever, that Griffith Park is full of butterflies. Tons of them.

For an hour or so, I just laid there observing the light and the leaves and trees — the way that one tree looked just like a little boy who was staring up to the tree next to him that looked just like a beautiful, young mother wearing a flowing dress and evening jewelry; the way the light outlined every pine needle and leaf in dark contrast; the way my nose felt stuffy and wouldn’t stop running from breathing in all the nature.

God help us to live slowly
To move simply
To look softly
To allow emptiness
To let the Heart create for us

-Michael Leunig

As I lay in the grass, a man walked by and sneezed. I looked up and said, “Bless you.” He stopped and turned and looked at me deliberately and said, “Bless you too,” before smiling and walking away.

† When I open to the universe, the universe opens to me.

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