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meditation challenge: day 2

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This morning’s meditation was especially necessary for me. I had extensive dreams in which I traveled around to many different locations and ended up interacting with a lot of people. I wouldn’t qualify the dreams as happy or sad, but they were emotionally tiring.

Corinne Reid

Corinne Reid

I woke up with one prevailing thought, and it was that when we get down to it, all of us are always really just on our own. We move through the world and regardless of whether we form bonds with the people in our lives or rely on those closest to us at times, we are still essentially alone.

I didn’t like the way this felt, so as I lay in bed I began focusing on the present moment. I placed awareness on my breath and how my body was feeling and I just tried to tap into the feeling of me at the center. When I felt calmer, I got up to take a shower and focused on keeping my mind in the moment, noticing the warmth of the water and the way it felt to clean my body.

After drying off and dressing for work, I sat down for today’s morning meditation. The quote by St. Francis of Assisi couldn’t have been more aligned with what I needed to realize, which is that technically we are all alone in this world, but spiritually we are always connected.

The one you are looking for is the one who is looking.
–Francis of Assisi

When I take the time to slow down and re-connect with who I really am at the core, I feel a sense of calm and connectedness.

† I am remembering how to align with my true core so that I naturally attract into my life the people and situations that are exactly right for me and them.

When I practiced this meditation again this evening, I became acutely aware of a small pocket of anxiety that I’ve been holding behind my heart for the past few weeks. It changes in size and intensity as I move through different emotions, and it’s difficult not to confuse the feeling with who I AM as a person.

I am not the emotions or the anxiety that I experience. I am the being that witnesses the emotions. Just because I’m feeling something this month, doesn’t mean I’ll be feeling it forever, or even tomorrow.

The more accustomed I become to staying present in my true core throughout the day, the less I’ll be held captive by passing emotions because I’ll be able to let them pass through me instead of sticking to parts of me and snowballing in intensity.

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