Louis Roskosch

Louis Roskosch

I’ve been meditating to Silva Peaks‘ guided meditations since 2010. Her meditations entitled “Your Beliefs” and “Deep Meditation” have always been able to calm my body and mind.

Since starting a regular hot yoga practice, my interest in going to an even deeper level while meditating has increased. In addition, I recently met someone who meditates twice daily and his calmness of spirit and inner glow have only encouraged me to look into meditation even more.

I stopped at the library and picked up three books so that I could make my way from the shallow end of this practice, the guided meditations I’m used to, and leap full force into the deep end – a place where I’m able to meditate without assistance from someone else’s prompting.

The first book is a meditation 101, super simple intro to the practice of meditation – ‘Simple Meditation’ by Anna Voigt.

The second book which I started today at lunch and could not put down is by David Lynch. It’s entitled ‘Catching The Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity”.

I am beyond intrigued. He paints such vivid pictures and is master of evoking a “must turn the page” feeling.

I meditated three times yesterday: once for 13 minutes in the car on my lunch break, once for 11 minutes when I got home, and once for about 10 minutes before bed. I learned that my mind is out of control. Without Silva Peaks guiding my meditation it was glaringly apparent that I would like to master considerably more self control over my inside voice.

The goal of beginning to meditate everyday is so that I can feel this feeling everyday.

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