silva peaks

By June 30, 2013 No Comments

While on a lunch break one day in the summer of 2010, a coworker introduced me to a few meditations by Silva Peaks. I had never attempted this type of personal quiet time before but was put under Silva’s spell immediately, on my first listen. I opened my eyes after just 20 minutes of her guided meditation and felt different. More powerful somehow and definitely more self aware. I still to this day listen to her meditations when I have anxiety or am experiencing restlessness.

This was definitely my first introduction to meditation and the reason that I’m now starting a twice-daily practice without the assistance of a guide like Silva. I’m confident that the next part of my journey in life is going to be contingent on me being able to find a peace within myself so that I can grow the confidence and energy to complete all of the things I want to accomplish in this life.

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