Zeke Tucker

Zeke Tucker

Following this last week’s anxiousness, I decided to spend the weekend alone to reset. I didn’t take any anxiety medicine after Thursday evening and just let myself sit in the emotions I was feeling. On both Friday and Saturday I woke up to feelings of anxiety, but I didn’t try to fight it and I didn’t attempt to think it through. I just let it be and reminded myself to breathe fully and deeply and took it easy.

I continued reading The Fantasy Bond and made some more connections between circumstances and events in my upbringing and the experiences I’m having now. It was hard to sleep Saturday so I stayed awake to read. At 1:30 in the morning I had a desire to go grocery shopping, so I got out of bed and went. When I came home an hour later I was finally able to sleep.

My dreams were incredibly intense and not so abstract that I couldn’t figure out that my mind was working through all these new revelations. When I woke up this morning I almost couldn’t believe it – I didn’t have any anxiety at all. Like none.

It was gone. I went about the day and half expected it to return, but it never did. I went to the beach and then to yoga and enjoyed driving in the sunshine and just being out and about on my own. It felt amazing.

By allowing myself to really just be with the feelings that were coming up and by taking an active part in trying to understand the root of the feelings, I was able to put my mind in a position to effectively work through the anxiety in my dream state.

Release. Part 1.