Akshaya Tritiya BuddhaAkshaya Tritiya began a few hours ago*

This special time (it started this evening at 9:49pm PST and lasts through 4:49pm PST tomorrow) feels extra auspicious with the new beginnings in my life manifesting themselves in very tangible ways.

My cycle began this morning.
I moved into a new home this evening.
And tomorrow I’m seeing my ex for one of the last times before he moves to a new city.
But right now I’m here.

I’m sitting and watching a tea light flicker softly in a wooden lotus flower, cradled by the hands of Buddha. I’m focusing my energy and intentions on the incredible new course my life has taken recently. A new job, a new home, and a new ability to understand the beauty of each moment as it’s happening.

Release comes easily. Abundance abounds. I radiate and attract unconditional love. I have an amazing life that keeps getting better. I am grateful and happy to share with others. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

And so are you 🙂

*thank you to Swati Jr for helping to light my path