stumbling into lightness

By May 8, 2013 2 Comments

corpse poseWe started our Yang/Yin class tonight with a short guided meditation. Seated with our legs beneath us, bottoms resting on heels, and hands face down on our thighs. After a few minutes of cyclical breathing, with my eyes closed, I felt a feeling that I’ve only experienced a few other times through meditation and yoga.

For about two or three seconds, I could feel a strong flow of energy — almost a pulling sensation that embodied a sort of dense buzzing — moving between my upper breast plate and the area just above my body and a few inches out in front of me.

It feels amazing when I fall into that experience, it’s very reassuring to be reminded in a physical way of the connection we have with a higher energy.

I felt the same sensation a few months back during final Shavasana after an intense 90-minute hot Moksha practice. I experienced the feeling of floating; what I imagine levitation to feel like. It lasted for about 30-seconds and left me feeling high and light for the rest of the day.

And on three or four different occasions I’ve experienced the same type of thing while listening to Silva Peaks’ meditations before bed — one time while holding someone’s hand and going through the meditation together (afterward they expressed feeling the same sensation.)

Anyway, it’s a cool feeling and I know that you’re not supposed to have expectations when you practice yoga or meditate, but I can’t lie — this feeling is a big motivator. It’s one of the reasons I keep seeking more opportunities to slow down, breathe, and just be still for a few minutes. I love the times when I stumble into it.

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  • Being in that “space” is exactly what makes the practice so rewarding. If only non-yogis knew what they miss! 😉

    • avantvoice says:

      It’s hard to believe I was ever a non-yogi 🙂
      My practice has revealed an entirely new person who was hiding inside of me for 30 years.
      Thanks for reading!