Bali Spirit Fest – manifestation or serendipity?

By March 10, 2013 No Comments

bali spirit festivalSo I realized yesterday evening that my last minute, impulse trip to Bali coincides with the dates for the Bali Spirit Festival. I’d read about the yoga and music festival in a recent issue of LA Yoga magazine and allowed myself to briefly imagine making the plans to get there.

But after a few moments of daydreaming I thought, “That’s silly. This festival is only four weeks out and it’s on the other side of the world.”

I put down the magazine, headed into hot studio A, and put Bali Spirit Fest out of my mind.

Now here I was last night, unable to sleep and browsing the web when I stumbled across the website for the Bali Spirit Fest again. No way! I have tickets to Bali now! And my memory was triggered back to that moment four weeks ago when I allowed myself to daydream about being there, being a part of something like that.

My eyes scanned their web page looking for the date and location, and when I landed on the information I could totally believe it. March 20 – 24 in Ubud. The same dates that a super amazing friend had booked me into a luxury resort hotel in Ubud.

Now I’m left wondering… Is this an act of manifestation? Or is it simply a happy accident? A moment of serendipity in my life.