Bali breakdown

By March 3, 2013 No Comments

I had a complete meltdown today regarding the trip to Bali. I started feeling panicky about my job situation and then began beating myself up for taking a break from the job search. I questioned my decision-making skills and was, in general, not being very nice to myself.

Then, two things changed all that. First, I stopped at bBar in Del Mar for a super healthy smoothie drink that I knew would help me get back to clear thinking.

I ordered the ‘Beaming Acai Bowl as a smoothie’ and filled my body up with delicious nutrients instead of the junk food I was craving. My body felt light and full and clean right after I finished drinking it.

The second thing that got me back on track to clear thinking was spending time with my ex-boyfriend. He helped me to see that I had made an impulsive decision (buying the ticket to Bali) because I was feeling out of control in the other aspects of my life (being unemployed) and that maybe I made this decision because I wanted to feel like I had the power to exert some control in my life.

He reminded me that the outcome of this trip was entirely dependent on my outlook, and that if I didn’t own this trip, it was going to own me.

And he was totally right. I was freaking out because I didn’t have a lot of time to plan and prepare. I was freaking out because I would be pausing my job search for a month.

But I don’t need to freak out. I just need to think things through and manage my expectations. Here’s the new game plan:

1. Work diligently to outline a travel itinerary
2. Get my travel immunizations handled tomorrow
3. Make a plan for when I arrive back home so that I can jump right back into my routine of job hunting
4. Don’t waste this trip. I wanted to immerse myself in yoga and I’ve found a way to do it. #gratitude
5. Relax and enjoy this moment in time – this moment where I have absolute freedom and the ability to experience a once in a lifetime trip to one of the most beautiful and special places on earth.