Yoga: Inspired to Serve Our Troops

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troops yogaA great interview with Ann Richardson, who began teaching yoga to active-duty service members and veterans. She travels extensively as an instructor for Special Warfare working with both able-bodied and injured men and women.

I love this story…

Is there a standout moment from your work with veterans and service members?

Absolutely! Last year I had a young man who had been hit by an I.E.D; most of his ankle has been remade. Once someone is injured like that, he or she is forever changed. On one particular day, the guys were sitting up after final rest. The soldier who had been hit looked at me and said, “Something is wrong.”

That is the last thing any teacher wants to hear after a class! I got him some water and had him sit for a moment longer. Mind you, he looked fine. We got up and walked to the waiting area where he put his shoes on and then slowly, as if he was on a cloud, walked out. I’m thinking, “What in the world just happened?”

He sat in the van he had arrived in, and had a huge smile across his face. He then came back into the studio and said, “I figured it out!” His comment was “I have not been this relaxed since before my accident.” That was my moment, and why I keep doing this work.

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