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emotional batteries on low

By December 1, 2012 No Comments

Stacy Keck As I moved through weeks 3 and 4 after the breakup, I was getting more accustomed to the wide range of mood swings that I went through moment to moment. Laughing and carefree one hour, forcefully crying and crushed the hour after.

Not great obviously, but better than this.

I’m feeling right back to square one right now.
A second breakup in less than 4 weeks.

Feeling lost in regards to where my talent lies
Feeling unwanted in all aspects of my life

Barely keeping my eyes open enough to write this
Feeling the last reserve of energy draining from my emotional batteries

I called my ex-boyfriend for emotional support. It’s the first time I’ve called him since the breakup. I’ve struggled through this time relying on my own strength, but this just felt like too much.

I feel so low and I called him. He’s coming over to talk in a few hours. It’ll be good to feel a sense of familiar in my life for a few hours.

emotional batteries on low

running out of positivity reserves
hoping that the universe is stripping me
in order to clothe me in stronger better shinier happier
but that’s a bit of a fairy tale, no?

can’t keep my eyes open
still resisting sleep