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grateful + sad

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Stacy Keck photothanksgiving
woke at 6:30am
told myself to go back to sleep
couldn’t do it
started laundry
penned postcards
put on a helmet and rode my bike to the grocery
bought eggs and butter
told a pro-marijuana politico that i wouldn’t sign his form
attempted to bake lemon bars and chocolate chip cookies
moved clutter around the apartment
tried to listen to music
couldn’t do it

“all those fairy tales are full of shit. one more fuckin’ love song, I’ll be sick.”

kept singing to myself over and over
in the store
on the bike
in the house
lying in bed

took a shower
drove far away
was happy to see someone
felt strange
was with family but still not at home

missing you
wondered where you were today
would love to snuggle in bed right now
smell how good you always smelled
kiss your full, warm lips
stare into round blue eyes

not enough
still not enough
saw a future
shivered on the ride home
not me
please not me
don’t make it twisted and tragic

keep a flow
change direction but keep the flow

jumping sight

fra gmen tati on