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packing up

By November 10, 2012 No Comments

Stacy KeckWoke up early to start packing. I had anticipated this would be difficult, but wasn’t expecting the deep hurt I’m experiencing with every item I touch. Made it through one closet and part of the kitchen before I needed to take a break. Old pictures and love notes keep falling out of hidden places, making me think this is all just a big mistake.

I left the ornament he bought for our first Christmas from the tram ride in Palm Springs, but took my half of the matching coffee mugs from our vacation to the Orcas Islands. It felt tacky to break up the set, but I just can’t leave it behind.


I need you right now. I wish that by some miracle you would just show up and say you’ve changed your mind. That you love me again and that you’ll come home.

But that’s not going to happen and I can’t stop crying. I hate this. I hate this.
I hate this.
I hate this.
I can’t stop this.