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By October 20, 2012 No Comments

I went to a Tantra class with my boyfriend a few nights ago. It was a four hour class led by Charu of Embody Tantra here in Los Angeles.

The day of the class, in fact just a few hours before, my guy and I had gotten into a fight. Things had been tense for a few days and although I didn’t want to pick a fight – I ended up doing it. We smoothed things out okay before heading over for the class, but things were definitely not perfect.

The first half of the class was spent moving our bodies in the dark, trying to connect to our animal sides of humanity. We spent time separately in a woman’s group and a man’s circle, exploring our different needs.

When we came back together we worked on touching and connecting in very different ways, allowing ourselves to feel both primal, violent type feelings, as well as our most protective and loving emotions.

We held space for one another and shared a time when someone we loved hurt us, and took turns apologizing for the hurt in place of the person who actually caused it.

We both felt closer and more compassionate with one another afterwards, but I can’t say that I felt anything huge shift within me. That being said, it was only four hours and my first time trying this type of personal work, so who knows how much you’re really supposed to feel.

On top of that, I’m aware that I have very deep shadows to explore and so my most raw emotions won’t necessarily come out on first prying.

I’m not against attending a Tantra class again, but I’ll probably opt for a different teacher or guide next time around. I didn’t quite feel a solid connection with Charu.

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