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Weirdness has been tumbling over itself end-over-end for the last week. I’ll say a word at the exact moment the word appears on a TV screen. I stop to notice a roadside memorial and a friend posts a photo of the same memorial the next day with a note about slowing down.

I borrow my boyfriend’s car and go to lunch with a friend, telling her that I like the car, but maintenance is expensive with even the tires costing upwards of a thousand dollars. That same day, while driving home, the front tire explodes and just two hours later, I’m $989 poorer, but the car has 2 brand new tires.

I watch three cars being towed away at one time and think, “Wow. I wonder why so many people are getting towed today.” Moments later I’m told that my dinner date will be late because his car’s been towed.

While riding the train home from work I think, “Hmm.. I bet most of these people don’t even buy a fare before boarding. Why do I waste my money? I’ve never seen an officer check for tickets.” A few stops later, two sheriffs board the train and demand my fare.

It’s as if when I notice things or say something, the universe shows it to me again very shortly after. I kept shrugging it off, but it’s been happening multiple times a day for about a week.

I’m starting to be very cautious about what I think.

No claims. Just curious about what’s going on?

Am I more present in my body this last week? Noticing things I normally would not? Am I causing things to happen with my thoughts? Am I just noticing the coincidences and ignoring the millions of other things I think about that never happen?