small details lead you to the big picture

By August 25, 2012 No Comments

I've Lost My LithiumWhen you begin focusing attention on the small details in life, your vision expands to see the big picture more clearly.

I’ve always been a big idea girl, eager to jump right to the end result and lacking in discipline when it comes time to handling the details. Quick to start a million little “great” ideas, but even quicker to lose focus and move on to a new project.

And then almost three years ago all of that changed. I got a “great” idea that I couldn’t shake. An idea that kept me awake all night long and began taking over every aspect of my life.

I couldn’t focus on my “real” job because I was obsessed with my idea. I couldn’t sleep because there wasn’t enough time to get everything done that I needed to get done. And for the first time in my life, I couldn’t wait to start working on all of the details!

In the spring of 2009 I quit my day job and started in full-time on writing a book. I’d been jotting down memories and piecing together funny anecdotes from my life for years, but then one night my brother said something that got caught in my brain,

“Aubs, you should write a book.”

I wrote all day and stayed up through the nights, writing for almost six months. I was obsessed, addicted. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. I hired three different graphic designers and went through piles of drafts before getting the cover just right. I painstakingly edited every page, margin, and quote, one hundred times over.

I learned everything I could about quality printing and binding options. Then, I worked with a traditional offset printing company in Berkeley, California to ensure that my book would be of the highest quality. I started a publishing company and acquired ISBN numbers. I filed tax forms with the city and county and kept track of my receipts and expenses.

*I handled every last one of the details and I loved it.*

And then, on August 29, 2009, I held my book in my hands for the first time and within a few hours, I was debuting it to family, friends, and total strangers at a book release party. I’d found the thing I was passionate about and pursued it, in all of its details, relentlessly.

When you find what you love, start working on it. Do it everyday. Do the little things. Try not to worry too much about the logistics of it all. By doing the work and handling all of the details, you are moving the project forward in a way that can’t help but lead you to the end result. The big picture made up of all of the details.