a curious state of affairs

By August 24, 2012 No Comments

Our way of life is changing pretty drastically right now.

I can feel it. A lot of people I know feel it too, but not everyone wants to talk about it.

And that makes sense to me. I get it. It’s scary to encounter change, especially when a well-worn path isn’t laid out for you.

But the old rules don’t quite make sense anymore, so people are having to face a choice – either keep your head down, stick to the routine you’re familiar with and hope for the best, or take a brave breath, lift your eyes to survey the new surroundings, and start clearing a way based on new rules.

It can be terrifying to digest and think about the future and the consequences that we may be facing because of our choices as a whole.

  • Technology is racing at a rate we can’t truly comprehend.
  • The world’s population continues to explode, with no real plans of how to manage or provide even the most basic human necessities for survival.
  • The distance between the people who have everything and the people who have nothing has grown so far that we’re having trouble even recognizing one another as human beings from across the divide.
  • People’s connection to other people is being marginalized.
  • Worldly education and personal fact-finding are not understood to be vital in our ability to move forward successfully as a human race.

This list of course could continue off this page and around your neighborhood to the next town over. However, we’re all here and we all know the problems – so let’s not rehash the obvious.

Let’s instead make plans. Good plans. Plans that will help us live well, while simultaneously helping others to do the same.

It’s time, in my little-itty-bitty-but-never-really-all-that-humble opinion, that we cut the BS and get to work.

The current state of affairs is indeed curious, but my instincts speak to bravery.

Who’s coming with me?