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tantra – baby step #1

By August 22, 2012 No Comments

Last night, I watched one of Charu’s Introduction to Tantra videos. She spoke about 4 simple ways to start connecting more with your body in daily life. I tried all 4 of them. The third one sends chills through my legs and a rolling sensation down my spine each time I try it. Pretty cool. Feels a little like the beginnings of ecstasy.

1. Shake it out. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Shake your body and head around like a rag doll. Move everything wildly. Everything except your feet. Then rest. Lie on your back, hands facing up, and just rest.

2. Rock your hips. Rock your hips up and under, breathing in and out with each movement. If you do yoga, it’s similar to the “cat/cow” stretch you do with your back. Attempt to breathe in fully, from your mouth, down into your lungs, past your belly and into your sex. Feel the tightness around your belly and under your ribs relax and subside.

3. Breathe in sacred air. Take a bunch of really full, calm, slow breaths into your body. Imagine that each inhale is made up of sweet, light, life-giving, beautiful swirls of air. Feel the oxygen move through your lungs and down into your belly, all the way into your vagina (or tip of your penis.) *This is where I get the tingles.

4. Get naked. Take off all of your clothes and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Really take time to look at your body and be conscious of the voice in your head. Let your thoughts (good or bad) come into your head and then leave, taking note of the types of thoughts you have. Then, close your eyes and when you open them again, imagine that you’re seeing a human body for the first time. Appreciate the beauty in your body and really look at every part of your body.

These are just the things I took away from her video. I’m definitely intrigued and looking forward to learning more when I attend one of her classes.