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tantra tempts again

By August 16, 2012 No Comments

tantraIn November of 2009, while I was searching through different groups on, I stumbled across a group dedicated to the study of Tantra. My interest was piqued by the page description and so I signed up for a free teleconference entitled “Unlock Your Potential for Pleasure.”

I sat in the light-filled living room of my apartment in Redondo Beach and listened in as a woman named Charu began to explain the ideas behind studying Tantra. Although I was interested in what she had to say, I didn’t make any other attempts at learning more about the study. Life went on and I forgot all about it.

Now today, in August 2012, almost three years after that teleconference, I am back reading about Charu and her Tantra classes. While searching for something unrelated in my calendar, I came across the old entry for November 2009 and a quick search online turned up Charu’s site and her practice.

While I’m definitely interested in attending one of her workshops, they aren’t quite in the budget for this month. So I’m going to the bookstore tonight to seek out self study guides to start looking into the practice myself.

Tantra seems like it might be a good first area of exploration as I attempt to complete physical, body-based shadow work.