shadow work

battle cry

By July 24, 2012 No Comments

the shadows are calling me
there’s nothing left to do but step into darkness
i expect pain, embarrassment, misunderstandings, hurt, anxiety
and eventually freedom and lightness

charge, rush, storm, barge.
just go. don’t stop.

open old wounds that were crusted over and left for scar
by haphazard stitches that trapped disease inside.

cut into the surface, dig away at the pain
apply dressings, bandage sufficiently
and heal with the new fresh skin of a baby.


baptizing myself in black light because
as painful as it may be, it is the quickest way to take control
of my life and live in the lightness that comes with freedom.

rushing headlong into the shadows, over the edge, and falling into lightness.
if you want it.
if you’re ready.
if it’s time.

it sucks. it hurts. it causes anxiety.
it feels shameful and icky. things don’t feel right in your belly.
keep going.

it’s only going to get darker and scarier.

forcing through layers.
shattering blocks.
releasing energy into the whole of my body.
accepting the pain.
speaking the truth.
suffering the consequences, either real or imagined
totally blind to path or process
feeling in the dark.

don’t be afraid.
i’ll lead the way.


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